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CERC’s days: Testimony of António Oliveira

31. 10. 2012
From January 2013, we continue the tradition of Day of the CERC. Read the testimony of António Oliveira (Radio Renascença, Protugal).

Common Prayer: Renewing of the tradition

21. 10. 2012
From December 2012, the ECCR radios renew the tradition of common prayers. This activity will be coordinated by Carla Diez de Rivera from Spain (COPE).

Emmanuel Jousse: the new ECCR’s president

15. 10. 2012
Emmanuel Jousse (Radio RCF, France) replaced Tommy Scholtes (RCF Brussels, Belgium) in the role of the President of the ECCR. Milan Tesař (Radio Proglas, Czech Republic) remained in the function of the Secretary General.

Meeting of the ECCR in Portugal

15. 10. 2012
From 10 to 13 October, representatives of eight radios, members of the ECCR (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium) and a representative of the Vatican Radio met in Fatima, Portugal. They stated willingness to cooperate more closely in the editorial, technological and others domains.

Prayer: Sunday 8th od May

4. 5. 2011
This prayer was prepared by our Hungarian friends.

Prayer: Sunday 10th April 2011

5. 4. 2011

The prayer was prepared by Radio Cittanova from Lombardia (Italie).

Prayer: Sunday 6th March 2011

4. 3. 2011
This prayer was prepared by RCF, France.

Prayer: Sunday 6th February 2011

16. 2. 2011
This prayer was prepared by Slovenian Radio Ognjišče. The text is in English, French and Slovenian language.
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