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Články ze života té které společnosti.

Meeting of ECCR in Rome

19. 10. 2016

Representants of our Christian radios from France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy met in Rome (from 11 to 13 October 2016). One of the most important theme was a debate about the contemporary Europe, including journalistic work related to migration.

Theme of poverty: Dutch public radio and TV

23. 11. 2012

Arnold Smeets (KRO, Netherlands):

In the week of 25-11 till 2-12 2012 several programs on Dutch Public television and radio, take poverty as a subject matter. One of the broadcasting organizations takes the lead: VPRO.

The RKK television program Kruispunt (Crossroads) has a special edition on December 2: Bank zonder bonussen (Bank without  bonus). It’s a portrait of Elisa Nuij (officer of vice-squad, Amsterdam). As a volunteer she took the initiative for a Saint Nicolas-bank.

On December 5, in almost all Dutch families, Saint Nicolas is celebrated. Members of families give each other presents, anonymously, in the name of Saint Nicolas.
First of all, it’s a feast for children, who sing songs for Saint Nicolas, who then, at night, returns the favor by giving presents – secretly bought of course by their parents.

Elisa Nuij took the initiative of the Saint Nicolas-bank, because many families cannot afford to give presents. The Saint Nicolas bank provides the presents for them.

Also on RKK radio programs on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December, shall take the theme Why Poverty as a lead during the week.

World Radio & Television Day: Why Poverty?

23. 11. 2012
Father Andrzej Koprowski from Radio Vatican write: November 29th has been designated World Radio & Television Day dedicated to the theme of poverty in the world, until the title: “Why Poverty?”. I have attached the relative documentation from the EBU. As far as Vatican Radio is concerned, this is a good opportunity to present the issue from a Christian perspective, and to give an example of the “caritas” expressed in different ways by our various language programmes – in response to this secular, rather than ecclesial, EBU initiative.

Catholic radio journalists of eastern Africa

3. 11. 2010
Catholic radio managers from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have decried increasing government harassment and interference despite constitutional guarantees on their freedom.

Episcopal synod on the Middle East

9. 10. 2010

Announced by Benedict XVI in September 2009, the special assembly for the Middle East of episcopal synode will take place from 10 to 24 october in Rome. The main theme is: Communion and Witness.

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