Theme of poverty: Dutch public radio and TV

Arnold Smeets (KRO, Netherlands):

In the week of 25-11 till 2-12 2012 several programs on Dutch Public television and radio, take poverty as a subject matter. One of the broadcasting organizations takes the lead: VPRO.

The RKK television program Kruispunt (Crossroads) has a special edition on December 2: Bank zonder bonussen (Bank without  bonus). It’s a portrait of Elisa Nuij (officer of vice-squad, Amsterdam). As a volunteer she took the initiative for a Saint Nicolas-bank.

On December 5, in almost all Dutch families, Saint Nicolas is celebrated. Members of families give each other presents, anonymously, in the name of Saint Nicolas.
First of all, it’s a feast for children, who sing songs for Saint Nicolas, who then, at night, returns the favor by giving presents – secretly bought of course by their parents.

Elisa Nuij took the initiative of the Saint Nicolas-bank, because many families cannot afford to give presents. The Saint Nicolas bank provides the presents for them.

Also on RKK radio programs on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December, shall take the theme Why Poverty as a lead during the week.

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