Monthly Prayer: December 2012

We restart the tradition of monthly prayers of the CERC’s radios. The new prayers coordinator, Carla Diez de Rivera (COPE, Spain), propose us the following prayer for Sunday, December 2, 2012.
In this month of December, at the begining of Advent , we want to ask you, Lord, to prepare our hearts. Clean them ,our Lord, from their impurities, heal its wounds, purify our intentions, let us free from power and control appetite, so as Mary we might be able to give You a great Yes , a Yes that makes possible the birth of Baby God inside each and every of us. We beg You, our Lord, that as Mary trusted on You , we may learn in this time to rely on You and in your surprising plans for each of us. We beg You , our Lord, that as Mary went out to meet Elizabeth , we could get out of ourselves to take care of people in need nearby us. We beg You ,our Lord, that just as the confident Yes of Mary changed History , our free and generous dedication allows you to be born in each of us and thus you may give light to our homes, our work places and all the fields where we may act. We beg You ,our Lord, that this becomes a time of special conversion that enables us in the Year of Faith to be light of the Father for the World. Mary, Mother of the Fairest Love , pray for us.

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