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Radio Trinitas (RO)

Radio Trinitas is part of the Trinitas Missionary Cultural Institute (printing house – publishing house – radio station), founded in 1997 by his Eminence Daniel, Metropolite of Moldavia and Bucovina in the service of faith and culture. Its first broadcasting took place on 17 april 1998. The general trend is dialogue and cooperation for a renewal of the christian life and of the romanian society, and an opening to the Europe and world values.

Radio Trinitas transmits 24 hours a day in frequency modulation (92.7 MHz) from a single transmitter for the Iasi area (500 000 inhabitants). Il has two production studios, of which one is in the Gola monastery, and one broadcasting studio. It broadcasts cutural and music programmes as well as religious ones. Music counts for half the airtime practically, with 28% for classical music in particular. Religious or religion- related programmes count for 36% of the airtime, of which the daily broadcast of mass and vespers frome the metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi.

Moreover Radio Trinitas produces cassettes and CD of religious music and of biblical stories for children.

Il has 28 permanent employees on the payroll.

Contacts: Radio Trinitas

Str. Cuza-Voda 51
6600 IASI

Téléphone: +420 232 21 98 75 / 21 88 00
Fax: +420 232 24 60 84

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