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Radio Stephansdom (AT)

Radio Stephansdom, created in 1998, divides up its airtime in an original way between the broadcasting of classical music, of 10 daily news bulletins and of several religious programmes (morning prayers, religious news, broadcasting of Radio Vatican news bulletins and of the great Sunday mass at the cathedral).

Radio Stephansdom is close to the Vienna archdiocesis. It transmits in frequency modulation (107.3 MHz) from a single transmitter 24 hours a day for the Vienna area and South Lower Austria, as well as  to several cable networks in Salzburg and Lower Austria. High quality live stream via Internet is offerd.

Contacts: Radio Stephansdom

Singerstrasse 7/IV/DG
1010 WIEN

Telephone: +43 1 512 40 400
Fax : +43 1 512 40 40/3021

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