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Radio RTK (MT)

Officially RTK started to transmit on 14 March 1992. It is a general-interest radio combining entertainment, music, culture and news, with emphasis placed on news and discussion. It transmits 24 hours a day mainly in Maltese language, with the exception of 4 short international news bulletins in English daily relayed from the BBC World Service.

RTK produces itself its programmes, including 3 news bulletins, from 4 studios situated in Blata I-Bajda and one studio situated on Gozo Island. It has a 2 Kw main transmitter and two 30 and 20 watt relay transmitters (the latter on Gozo Island).

RTK is operated by RTK Radio Limited, a limited liability company of Maltese law owned by the Archdiocese of Malta, the main shareholder, and the Diocese of Gozo. It has been granted from the Broadcasting Authority a licence defining its rights and obligations according to the Maltese Law (Broadcasting Act).

The station has 13 permanent employees, numerous occasional contributors, and its own news journalists as well as its own Marketing and Advertising Department.

Most of the receipts come from advertising (about 475 000 �annually) and RTK also gets a annual financial support of about 120 000 �from the Archdiocese.

According surveys made twice a year by the Broadcasting Authority RTK is second-ranking in the country for the number of listeners and its listening figures are steadily closer to those of the first radio. RTK is the preferred station for 19.2% of the radio listeners, mainly because of its objectivity.

Contacts: RTK Radio Limited

Media Centre
National Road

Phone: +356 2569 9100
Fax: +356 2569 9151

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