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Radio Proglas (CZ)

Radio PROGLAS was created on 8 December 1995 in Brno, south-east of the Czech Republic, in order to speak of Christianity to everyone, including non-Christians. From the beginning the programmes are prepared by representatives of several Christian churches in an oecumenical spirit. They consist in a well-balanced collection of talk (45%) and classical and modern music programmes (53%); cultural and information programmes occupy 30% of the airtime, classical and religious music 14%, popular music 39%, folklore 5% and religious programmes 8%.

Radio PROGLAS transmits 24 hours a day in frequency modulation from 17 transmitters covering most of the Czech territory (see transmitters map attached). It produces itself most of its programmes (94%), and relays the CRo and Radio Vatican, news bulletins.

The annual operating budget amounts to about 1 100 000 € and is financed mainly by the donations of the listeners who are grouped together in a Radio PROGLAS' Friends Club (23 500 members); there is no advertising. Regular contacts are kept up with the listeners, in particular through a quarterly bulletin, by mail or E-mail, as well as by means of listeners participation to some programmes. There is a staff of 40 permanent employees, and about 11000 Radio Proglas Friends join them occasionally as volunteers.

Contacts: Radio PROGLAS s.r.o.

Barvičova 85
602 00 BRNO

Phone:  +420 5 4321 7241
Fax: +420 5 4321 7245

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