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Radio Ognjišče (SI)


Radio OGNJISCE belongs to the Ognjisce Press Association, which has been publishing a magazine for young people for 40 years, and was founded on 29 November 1994. It is a general-interest radio with catholic leanings and a special attention to the religious problems and events.

Radio OGNJISCE transmits 24 hours a day in frequency modulation from 23 transmitters covering over 80% of the Slovenian territory and 85% of the population, as well as through Internet and satelite. It broadcasts programmes it produces completely, in particular news bulletins every hour and a more comprehensive journal twice a day. The airtime is shared more or less equally between talk and music programmes.

It has three production studios: one situated in the capital Ljubljana produces the national  live programme, the other two are situated in Koper and Martjanci produces a local programme and  some short shows.

Its overall annual income amounts to 1 million and comes half from advertising and various services, half from of donations of listeners who are grouped together in a Radio OGNJISCE's Friends Association. It has 32 permanent employees and about 40 occasional contributors.


Trg Brolo 11

6000 Koper, Slovenija

Phone: 00386 1 512 11 26

Fax: 00386 1 512 13 62




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