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KRO - Katholieke Radio Omroep (NL)

KRO (KATHOLIEKE RADIO OMROEP, which means Catholic Broadcasting Corporation) was founded in 1925 by a Dominican priest and is a general-interest radio for Catholic people. It is still close to the Catholic community and sticks to Catholic principles: it remains faithful to the values of tolerance, solidarity, integrity, faith and professionalism.

It has become an important company of the media sector and has widely broadened its sphere of activity. It has diversified into TV, TV programmes guides, books, cassettes, CD and Web business. It is also a powerful and strongly structured association whose 545 000 members are involved in the radio's life, especially through voluntary activities. It is the largest Catholic organisation in the Netherlands.

 Integrated in the public broadcasting system as all the non-profit making radios, KRO transmits every saturday and sunday on the 5 public channels (news and sport – light music – pop music – classical music – news). Its large number of members provide KRO with an important airtime on the public channels, i.e. 67 hours a week and 3 000 hours a year. KRO also benefits from a financing guaranteed by the audio-visual tax and made up by advertising revenues.

In addition KRO produces programmes which are broadcast in the same way on the public channels by RKK (the Roman Catholic Community), holder of a separate licence within the same public system.

Contacts: KRO

Postbus 23000

Phone: +31 35 671 3911
Fax: +31 35 671 3119

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