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Associazione Corallo (IT)

Created in 1981 to help radios and televisions of the Catholic sphere at the time of the broadcasting deregulation, the Organisation of the Free Local Radios and Televisions has become now the Associazione CORALLO. It groups together over 200 radios and televisions of all regions of Italy, a satellite channel and a news agency national-oriented. It aims at "being a reference point" with regard to the practical aspects of business for private radios and televisions which subscribe to and spread the social-Christian principles. For instance it works in close collaboration with the National Office for Social Communications of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

Corallo offers to its members various services:

  • external representation with the various Committees or Commissions set up in Italy by the public authorities with regard to organisation and regulation of the audio-visual sector;
  • legal consultancy and protection of their rights at the national level;
  • technical assistance and participation in the "inBlu" system;
  • provision of programmes through the BLUSAT Agency and of news through the NEWS PRESS Agency.

Today the "inBlu" network groups together 218 member radio stations, transmitting on over 218 frequencies, of the "communitario" (i.e. non-profit making) sector. These stations are supplied 24 hours a day through satellite by the BluSat Agency with very varied programmes: news bulletins and press reviews produced by the Milan-based NEWS PRESS Agency and broadcast with regular schedules; cultural, music, religious or entertaining programmes produced by the Rome-based studios or by other member radios. The radios are free to use these programmes, live or recorded, as it suits them and free of charge.

Contacts: CORALLO

Via Aurelia 796
00165 ROMA

Phone: +36 06 66 512 698
Fax: +36 06 66 410 315

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